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v. 2.0 - 09/2018


Genom – decentralized cryptographic currency based on the open source platform go-Ethereum, intended for multiple use cases and integration of blockchain as well as smart-contracts into everyday life. Our priorities include such goals as: reducing transaction time, unique reward system for holders of substantial amount of coins, and development of the platform for self-improving artificial intelligence based on unique software and database on Genom blockchain.

Hydra Masternode – the only cryptocurrency which implements accrual reward method based on masternode level (Hydra), with each level being influenced by all others, and each level having its own accrual conditions. Unique mathematical formula executed in the code of specialized software varies the reward from every mined block depending on the total amount of masternodes present online and the amount of masternodes present on each level.

«Reputation» Platform – mastering and advancing within a specific profession is an important criterion for setting trust index for a said professional. That index will be built into smart-contracts and will influence the competency level of each particular professional in any field, in this case the «Reputation» system being engaged. «Reputation» Platform can be used to track professional achievements and milestones on Genom blockchain for any type of profession. All participants on the platform will be able to be engaged in establishing what those achievements and milestones are through voting. Verified achievements and milestones will become fundamental factors for moving up the career ladder, salary negotiation, privilege, and access level in the professional’s company.

«Sea of Hydra» Platform – with oncoming technology of decentralization and blockchain technology, the creation of artificial intelligence became possible. We are planning on using a symbiosis of Genom software infrastructure and its blockchain for developing and self-learning. In the future, everyone in possession of Genom will be able to utilize an established and developed artificial intelligence. The variety of use cases for such AI will have no bounds.










Target Block Time

10 sec

Reward to users


Reward to Masternodes


Reward to dev


Total block reward


Total Supply

100 million





Web Wallet













Q1 2018

  • Launch the GENOM Mainnet (Est. Feb 12, 2018)

  • Launch Web site

  • Launch Web wallet

  • Launch Own pool

  • Launch Explorer

Q2 2018

  • Own desktop wallets

Q3-Q4 2018

  • Exchange

  • Masternode Platform

  • Update Explorer

  • Update Web site

  • Hardfork 1469000 block

  • Update the design

  • Mobile app


  • Planned Hardfork (The upgrade system rewards miners and the masternode)

Q3-Q4 2019

  • Development of a platform for self-learning artificial intelligence onthe Genom blockchain («Sea of Hydra» Platform)

Q3-Q4 2020

  • Development of «Reputation» Platform


Masternode system requirements:

Minimal: 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD/HDD, public IP address;

Recommended: 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD/HDD, pubic IP address;

We have created a new generation of multi-level masternode based on a brand-new economic model featuring a unique mathematic model which facilitates the influence of each level on all the others. Each level has its own accrual reward conditions at the moment of finding a block while with presence of all the masternodes in the system at that time. There are 10 levels, beginning with the first where 10000 coins are required, and each following level required amount of coins increased by 10000, with level 10 requiring 100000 coins.

Requered amount of coins

Hydra level





















The reward for a registered masternode is paid out daily in accordance with all masternodes presently online at the moment of each mined block.

Such a masternode reward system (Hydra) is intended not only to facilitate the economic model, but also to delegate masternodes with special innovative features in the future Genom projects based on the masternode level.

In future projects, masternode levels may have system requirements for ability to participate in various projects such as «Reputation» platform, «Artificial Intelligence» and others.

Masternode activation and registration have been substantially simplified. Now the process consists of downloading the official script, running it on your server, and entering the identification data displayed in the command line in your personal account. In this personal account you will also have access to a list of your active masternodes, IP-addresses, relevant wallets, and your reward.

For convenience and rewards control, a dynamic table containing information such as an amount of current registered masternodes, level of each masternode, and calculation of the reward for each mined block will be presented on the official main page of Genom site.


Currently, numerous different professions exist in the world and each one of those professions will be in demand at different organizations at certain moments. It must be admitted that sometimes organizations must shut down, as specialists are not satisfied with the working conditions or compensation/salary. Specialists are forced to transfer to other organizations, often where their previous achievements are lost, and have to start over and sometimes start working at the lowest position available. Their achievements are simply not recognized by the new organization. In these cases, the resume does not help, and the specialist goes on «probation», which could last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year depending on the position.

«Reputation» platform is called upon to solve that difficult problem and integrate an achievement system, which will be utilized for absolutely all professions and achievements as well as their significance, will be determined through voting by all community members. In turn, each specialist will have a «record», which will contain all his/her skills, education, achievements. After changing jobs, there will be no need to once again prove professional competency but start working at «proper level» right away, being placed in an appropriate position with proper compensation.

As of now, the voting technology is already utilized for directing development of some cryptocurrencies, where all community members vote using the blockchain of that given cryptocurrency for various possibilities of future development.

Specialist’s record will be stored on the Genom blockchain and can be accessed only by the owner of the record on the «Reputation» platform supported by the organization.


The creation of artificial intelligence has been studied for a long time now. Some prototypes have been created that make decisions predetermined in the code, by using different random variations and calculating numerous outcomes. Such an approach is standard, but it remains vulnerable and it is rare that such «artificial intelligence» independently writes/expands its database with new data and is capable of making comprehensive decisions while independently developing in its environment.

Decentralization, Genom blockchain, and privileged Hydra masternodes, as well as «Self-learning Artificial Intelligence» platform (SEA OF HYDRA) complex, could make development of artificial intelligence favorable.

We have laid the groundwork for this project. It could take significant time and funding as well as a necessity for strict selection of new participants for the project.

For the purposes of safety and security this project will be developed exclusively offline in local network without the ability to connect to the internet, excluding the ability of any participant of the project to allow the network to connect to the internet.

In the future, the masternodes of the highest access level will be capable of storing the artificial intelligence database.


«Genom» organization understands that use of blockchain only as currency does not reveal the full potential of blockchain technology, smart-contracts, and masternodes. Therefore, we take the course of development for new interactive platforms of various technologies and software. Genom team is expanding and welcomes new developers, specialists in design, marketing, social media who are aiming for excellent results, while increasing the recognition of Genom and its value on world wide scale.