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v. 3.0 - 12/2018


Genom – decentralized cryptographic currency intended for integration of blockchain and smart-contracts in every day live as well as multilateral use, based on the go-Ethereum open source code platform. We set such goals as increasing transaction speed, implementing a special reward system for the holders of significant amount of coins, development of service for access to Genom developments, building the infrastructure for decentralized data storage. Those are our priorities.

Hydra Masternode – the only cryptocurrency which implements accrual reward method based on masternode level (Hydra), with each level being influenced by all others, and each level having its own accrual conditions. Unique mathematical formula executed in the code of specialized software varies the reward from every mined block depending on the total amount of masternodes present online and the amount of masternodes present on each level.

Decentralized data storage «Hydra Sea» – with introduction of decentralized technologies and blockchain technology the ability of resource decentralization for the average internet users as well as the large corporations became a reality. We are planning on using a symbiosis of software behind Genom and its blockchain with purpose of advancing, storage and self-learning computing. In the future, the programs created and perfected on basis of such symbiosis with elements of artificial intelligence will be accessible to all holders of Genom. The scope of such applied programs and their utilization will be unlimited.

Decentralized cross-platform wallet – development of the source code wallet which is compatible with all operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS) – it is a convenient and practical solution which will benefit all holders of Genom. Such wallet will be hosted on decentralized platform «Hydra Sea» and will be accessible through «lite» client application installed on any of the operating systems mentioned above.










Target Block Time

10 sec

Reward to users


Reward to Masternodes


Reward to dev


Total block reward


Total Supply

100 million





Web Wallet













Q1 2018

  • Mining launch (12.02.2018)

  • Website launch

  • Web-wallet launch

  • Explorer launch

Q3-Q4 2018

  • Exchange listing

  • Creation of the Masternode platform “Hydra”

  • Explorer update

  • Website update

  • Hardfork at block 1469000

  • Design update

  • Dashboard create

Q1-Q2 2019

  • Development and implementation of decentralized storage (Sea of Hydra) based on masternode platform (Hydra)

  • Transfer wallet and explorer to a decentralized storage solution

Q3-Q4 2019

  • Development of dApps on Genom smart-contracts

  • Development of decentralized multi-platform Genom wallet


Masternode system requirements:

Minimal: 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD/HDD, public IP address;

Recommended: 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD/HDD, pubic IP address;

We have created a new generation of multi-level masternode based on a brand-new economic model featuring a unique mathematic model which facilitates the influence of each level on all the others. Each level has its own accrual reward conditions at the moment of finding a block while with presence of all the masternodes in the system at that time. There are 10 levels, beginning with the first where 10000 coins are required, and each following level required amount of coins increased by 10000, with level 10 requiring 100000 coins.

Requered amount of coins

Hydra level





















The reward for a registered masternode is paid out daily in accordance with all masternodes presently online at the moment of each mined block.

If some masternode level is completely «empty» when a new block is mined, all other masternode levels will receive a «bonus» reward. Such additional reward is distributed among all of the masternodes that are online at that time. If there are several «empty» masternode levels the reward is distributed in the same way. If there is only a single masternode online at that time, that masternode will receive a full masternode block reward share.

Such a masternode reward system (Hydra) is intended not only to facilitate the economic model, but also to delegate masternodes with special innovative features in the future Genom projects based on the masternode level.

In future projects, masternode levels may have system requirements for ability to participate in various projects such as «Reputation» platform, «Artificial Intelligence» and others.

Masternode activation and registration have been substantially simplified. Now the process consists of downloading the official script, running it on your server, and entering the identification data displayed in the command line in your personal account. In this personal account you will also have access to a list of your active masternodes, IP-addresses, relevant wallets, and your reward.

For convenience and rewards control, a dynamic table containing information such as an amount of current registered masternodes, level of each masternode, and calculation of the reward for each mined block will be presented on the official main page of Genom site.

Decentralized Data Storage «Hydra Sea»

Currently, any type of information contained on a specific resource is often stored in a single place (server). Servers are backed up to reserve servers and in case of an attack on the original servers, significant network problems or large influx of the concurrent users the reserved servers are automatically engaged. However, even in such scheme nobody would be safe from local network failure in some specific region, an attack that is carried out on all the servers at the same time, or the amount of the concurrent users numerous enough to still crash all the servers.

To combat such scenarios a decentralized data storage platform «Hydra Sea» based on masternodes within «Hydra» network will provide access to the stored data from numerous concurrent sources. All data that was ever uploaded to «Hydra Sea» will be accessible in any region of the planet and in the case of local connection failure to the «World Internet» all of the stored data will still be accessible locally if a masternode is hosted within that region.

Such convenient solution should introduce a failure free access to resources and in some cases increase the speed at which the content is provided.

This solution is similar to the Cloud Storage. However, in some cases the data from the Cloud Storage could be delivered at reduced speeds on a «congested channel». With decentralized storage solution, the data is accessible with highest speed allowed by your hardware and ISP.

Decentralized Cross-Platform Wallet

Many desktop cryptocurrency wallets require complete blockchain synchronization and therefore storing the entire blockchain file on user’s PC. For example, Ethereum blockchain could take a whole day or even several days in some cases to synchronize.

Availability of «lite» version of the wallet significantly simplifies the access to personal savings and reduces the access time to minutes as the geth and complete Genom blockchain are stored on decentralized masternode network. All keys, however, are stored by the user on any storage solution.

The access to the nearest decentralized storage is based on the geolocation of the owner of the lite-wallet and is provided through the nearest sever available.


«Genom» organization understands that use of blockchain only as currency does not reveal the full potential of blockchain technology, smart-contracts, and masternodes. Therefore, we take the course of development for new interactive platforms of various technologies and software. Genom team is expanding and welcomes new developers, specialists in design, marketing, social media who are aiming for excellent results, while increasing the recognition of Genom and its value on world wide scale.