How to install Masternode (ENG)

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Step-by-step installation and registration instructions


How to put masternode on your server

Obtain the script using wget:

wget -O mn-setup
chmod +x mn-setup

If you want to update the geth then enter the command:

sudo ./mn-setup --upgrade

If you want to install or reinstall, enter the command:

sudo ./mn-setup --from-scratch

After installation, you must run the command:

sudo ufw allow 30303
sudo ufw allow 8545

If you have not installed ufw run the command:

apt install ufw

Options For more info about available options run mn-setup --help


Registration of the masternode on the network

To register, follow the link.

After registration, click on the button "Create Masternode":

In the filed enode input the address that was issues after running the script. Example of issued address:


For registration enode itself is necessary, without "", enode:// and @[your.ip]:30303

Example of enode to input for registration: 4db939c0edeed84fac464568e0c48ae8e8b2dc0f08ac7c129b21c8ac0fe251b2a7e6fb77f56668b2a74d24fcafcd57379f724759bca0fd48583a4ef384a76414

In the field IP address indicate ip address of the server.

In the field RPC Port indicate the port (8545 - default).

In the field Name indicate the name of your masternode.

In the field Wallet indicate address containing the funds, which will also verify the ability to connect the masternode. 1 wallet and 1 ip = 1 masternode. Level of the masternode will be determined automatically based on the available balance. The system will automatically check the balance available in the wallet every 5 minutes. Masternode presence on the network is checked every block. If you masternode is offline during the block reward distribution, you will not receive the reward.

List of your masternodes

Status filed is being changed automatically, as soon as the system verified that the masternode is online and connected to the server. The check and update of the list containing masternodes connected to the server is done every 5 minutes. Reward field is also updated every 5 minutes.

Tier indicates the level of your masternode.

Balance indicates the balance of the Masternode wallet (you can go to the explorer by clicking on it).

Reward indicates unpaid remuneration.

Status ONLINE means you have successfully connected to the masternode.

Status OFFLINE means masternode is not connected.

Details masternode

By clicking on the "Details" button, you can see detailed statistics and data for your particular masternode.

Name - masternode name;

Tier - masternode tier;

Location - Geolocation masternode;

Created at - registration date;

Total earned - total earned for all time;

Edit masternode

By clicking on the "Edit" button, you can edit these masternode without losing the rewards.

You can change any of the fields.

Delete masternode

By clicking on the "Delete" button, you can delete masternode.

Attention! When you click "Delete" - all data is deleted, including the reward!

The reasons "OFFLINE"

Find out the reason why your masternode "Offline" you can in the section:

Details -> Verification history -> Description