Discord BOT commands (ENG)

Last updated 29 days ago

List of commands for Discord BOT




Display list of active commands;


Displays information about current block, block time, network hashrate, difficulty, total amount of mined coins;


Displays information about the amount of masternodes currently online on each of the levels, overall amount of active masternodes, amount of coins locked in masternode wallets; Displays information about estimated daily reward for one masternode on each of the levels in "ideal" conditions (only if the amount of masternodes on each of the levels is constant during the day and block time is at 10 seconds); Displays return on investment (ROI) based on 1 coin per 1 day, considering the total amount of masternodes online and the amount of masternodes in the system at the current time;


Displays information about current price of Genom on the exchange with greatest trading volume, also displays daily trading volume and change in exchange rate for the last 24 hours;

!hpow Mh/s

This command will calculate how much Genom can be mined per hour/24 hours with indicated hashrate (for example, !hpow 1000), based on current difficulty;

At this time the Discord BOT is functional and can accept the commands described above. The list of command can change over time. All changes will be added to the current documentation.